Von Prueschenk Feldjäger Corps is an authentic, recreated unit from the American Revolutionary War period, 1776- 1783. It is a participating unit in the Brigade of the American Revolution, the British Brigade, and the German Brigade (Militär-Verein Germania). These organizations are national historic associations dedicated to recreating the life and times of the common soldier of the American War of Independence. 

         The British employed large numbers of German soldiers ("Hessians") during the American Revolution. The use of foreign troops provided the British with a ready source of well-trained and equipped troops. This relieved the British of the burden of raising an army in England. Foremost in demand were the German Jägers (Jaegers, Yaegers, Chasseurs ="Hunters"). They were the European counterpart of the American riflemen. Jägers were well-trained and disciplined soldiers, excellent marksmen, woodsmen, reliable and very capable of independent action. Prior to the American Revolution, Frederick the Great, the King of Prussia was the first to raise a Jäger Corp. 

         The Jägers were employed as guides, bodyguards, couriers and scouts. The Jägers were initially recruited from gamekeepers, woodsmen and hunters. The Jägers proved so successful that other German principalities  emulated the Army of Frederick the Great and formed Jäger Companies. During the American Revolution, the British employed Jägers primarily from Hesse-Cassel and Anspach. By 1781, there were 821 Jägers from Hesse-Cassel and 245 from Anspach in the British Army in New York. The British also employed Jägers from Brunswick and other German principalities  on the Canadian-American border. 

         The purpose of the Feldjäger Corps is to present an accurate representation of what the life of the Jäger was like and to reenact the events of the period. To achieve this aim, members have equipped themselves with accurate copies of the uniform and accoutrements used by the Jägers. The Feldjäger Corps participates in encampments, reenactments, historical demonstrations and any function, which may serve an educational or historical purpose.


         Membership is open to anyone in our geographic recruiting region with an interest in American Revolutionary War history or an interest in reenacting in general. The outfitting of the Man-At-Arms is an expensive undertaking. We encourage members to join and obtain the uniform and equipment as they can afford them.

von Prueschenk's is headquartered in Pennsylvania, with members located there
as well as New Jersey & New York.
Individuals wishing to join /or for further information please contact:

Patrick Updike


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